2005  » Rally de Guriezo


Description Less than one minute after its start on the 11.400-kilometer first special stage of the 2005 Rally de Guriezo, the Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4 #95 driven by Ramón Ruiz went off the road, crashing into a group of five spectators on the other side of the barrier. One of them, a twenty-year-old man from Noja, Cantabria, who was spectating the rally with his father, was killed almost instantly. The rally doctors who immediately intervened could do nothing to save his life.

The name of the deceased spectator was not released. The other persons involved in the accident, including Ramón Ruiz from Durango, Vizcaya, and his co-driver Jon Ramos escaped unhurt. After the accident, the special stage was stopped and the event was abandoned.  
Year 2005  
Driver(s) Ramón Ruiz/Jon Ramos
Category Rallying  
Series Cantabrian Rally Championship  
Vehicle Ford Sierra Cosworth  
Country Spain  
Circuit Guriezo - Sámano  
Event Rally de Guriezo  
Fatal Yes  
Also Involved one unnamed spectator  
Photo Credit dyacantabria.com  
Tags Spectator Incident  

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