2011  » Rallysprint Ciudad de Pozoblanco


Description Two spectators were killed during the 2nd edition of the Rallysprint Ciudad de Pozoblanco, organized by the Escudería Sierra Morena. The event was a round of the 2011 Campeonato de Andalucía, held in the small town of Pozoblanco, some 20 kms north of Córdoba, Spain.

The accident happened at about 16h15 on Saturday, 21 May 2011. Shortly after the start of the first special stage, while traveling at high speed along the CO-6410 road, the Peugeot 206 S1600 #3 driven by Francisco Javier Agüí Díaz from Granada, Spain, went out of control and left the road. The car hit and killed two men who were standing with many others in an area which was prohibited to spectators. It was reported that a brake failure triggered the fatal crash. Another spectator which name was not released, sustained severe injuries. Francisco Javier Agüí Díaz and his co-driver Ignacio Romero Ortiz escaped unhurt.

Both the deceased persons were from Alcalá la Real, province of Jaén, Andalucía. Álvaro Montes Barranco, a 17-year old SAFA Automoción student and a Motor Club Alcalá voluntary, was killed almost instantly. Pedro Javier Pareja Escribano, 36, a Grupo Diseños NT employee, married and father of two, died shortly after admission at the Hospital Reina Sofía in Córdoba, where he was rushed after the accident.  
Year 2011  
Driver(s) Javier Agüí Díaz/Ignacio Romero Ortiz
Category Rallying  
Series Andalusia Championship  
Vehicle Peugeot 206 S1600  
Country Spain  
Circuit Pozoblanco  
Event Rallysprint Ciudad de Pozoblanco  
Fatal Yes  
Also Involved Álvaro Montes Barranco (spectator)
Pedro Javier Pareja Escribano (spectator)  
Photo Credit Diario de Sevilla; infoguadiato.com; motoryracing.com; polvoracing.blogspot.de  
Tags Spectator Incident  

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