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Around 11h30 of Saturday, 05 May 2007 the Subaru of the duo Gonzalo Alenaz Rodríguez and Laureano Grigera drove through the fourteenth displacement stage of the Rally de Argentina, named Cosquín after a town located nearby, in the province of Córdoba‎, Argentina. Being that a displacement stage, it was to be completed following the same standard traffic norms applied to road-going vehicles. Alenaz and Grigera’s entry was made under the name of the first; their Subaru Impreza STI competed under the Group N, Class 4 regulations and received the number 86.

Gonzalo Alenaz Rodríguez and Laureano Grigera, as well as their competitors, were on the way to the fourteenth special stage of the 2007 edition of the Rally Argentina - named Cosquín - Tanti II which was part of the second leg of the event. That is an 11.27-kilometer piece of gravel road, mostly flat stage and with a downhill at its end near Tanti. The same segment - run in the same direction from Cosquín to Tanti – had been used the day before as the sixth special stage of the rally, in its first leg. Also, it was part of the Rally Argentina in 2005 – albeit then it was used in the opposite direction.

Merely 200 meters before the start of the Cosquín – Tanti II special stage the Alenaz and Grigera’s Subaru went out of control and hit a group of spectators standing over a 80-centimeter wall. Three of them were injured: the Provincial boxing champion Antonio Ochoa, 28-year-old and Gisella Cogni, 25, both from Bialet Massé, Córdoba, and Mercedes Guadic, 49, from Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires. All three received first aid at the place of the accident and were transported to Hospital Domingos Fúnes in Villa Caeiro, Santa María de Punilla, Cosquín. Sadly, Mrs. Guadic did not resist her injuries and died on the ambulance before reaching the hospital. Ochoa and Cogni were interned for further care – the first with multiple traumatisms including an injured shoulder and the second with scratches and a wounded ankle.
World Rally Championship
Subaru Impreza STI
Rally Argentina
Antonio Ochoa (spectator)
Gisella Cogni (spectator)
Mercedes Guadic (spectator)

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