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Hello from Austria

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Hello from Austria

Post by Hans1962 » 3 months ago

Good afternoon from Austria, I am Hans, a motorsport historian mainly interested in the seventies period of F1 and the world wide history of F5000

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Post by MonteCristo » 3 months ago

Welcome Hans :).
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Post by Everso Biggyballies » 3 months ago

@Hans1962 Welcome to TFL, Hans and enjoy. I think we have similar interests. The 1970's is when I started going to F1 and F5000 races. Of course here in Australia / NZ we have many original F5000's still racing regularly, which is great for us locals.
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Post by Cheeveer » 3 months ago

Welcome, Hans!
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Post by jimclark » 2 months ago

Welcome Hans.

Aaahhh......Jochen thrashing the '49...Monaco...1970.......
Those were the days my friends, we thought they'd never end.....


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Post by erwin greven » 2 months ago

Herzlichen Willkommen, Hans.
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